31Der verlustreiche Stellungskrieg vom

1. bis 23. Juli 1944:


Der alliierte Verlust von Sword Beach

Der Kampf um Caen

Die Niederlage Montgomerys in der Operation Goodwood

Die verlustreiche kanadische Operation Spring

Die Bewegungen der 4. US Infanterie-Division lassen sich am übersichtlichsten anhand der Verschiebungen des Divisions-Kommandopostens verfolgen:

Expanding the Normandy Beachhead

July 1 - 24, 1944

22. Infanterie-Regiment

Jahrbuch des Regiments, 1947:

7. - 18. Juli 1944

On July 7, having been moved to an assembly area south and west of Carentan, the 22nd Infantry attacked,

thereby beginning one of its bloodiest engagements of the entire war—the Carentan-Periers operation

(otherwise known as "The Battle of the Hedgerows"). The objective of the operation was the seizure of Periers,

a necessary preliminary to the forthcoming breakout from the peninsula. The attack moved with extreme slowness.

Enemy resistance in the form of young SS troops and fresh paratroops was stubborn,

and the ground was given up to the advance of the regiment yard by yard, and foot by foot.

The nature of the terrain, hedgerows with some sections of dense woods, made the effective use of armor virtually impossible.

Counterattacks were repeatedly launched; infiltration was incessant; the determination of the enemy was a thing to be respected.

Colonel C. T. Lanham assumed command of the regiment on July 9, and, with the First and Second Battalions abreast, resumed the attack.

The Third Battalion was committed in a flanking movement to the left, and the First Battalion, under Major George Go-forth,

advanced to the outskirts of La Maugerie. After continuous attack the regiment was relieved by the 12th Infantry

on the general line La Maugerie-La Roserie. The defense and delay by the enemy had been superbly executed,

and as a consequence the advance which the inundated areas on both flanks restricted to a narrow front, was painful and laborious.

The effectiveness of enemy fire coordination is reflected in the extreme number of casualties during what, according to later experiences,

was a relatively short engagement. Those who were there will long remember the names of Sainteny, La Maugerie, and Raids—

all names of tiny French towns in the zone of advance.“i

Verluste des 22. Inf. Rgts. im Juli 1944

Verwundete: 1'044 Soldaten und 56 Offiziere

Tote: 263 Soldaten und 16 Offiziereii

Ein Infanterie-Regiment hatte einen Sollbestand von

3049 Soldaten und 158 Offiziereniii

Verlust 43% der Männer und 45% der Offiziere

ihttp://1-22infantry.org/history2/regthistory.htm 27.08.14 19:34:34 22nd Infantry Regiment Yearbook, printed 1947

Hinter der Front

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